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Renters Spending 30% or More of Household Income on Rent

This indicator shows the percentage of renters who are paying 30% or more of their household income in rent. Spending a high percentage of your income on rent presents financial hardship, especially for lower-income renters. With a limited income, a high percentage in rent may not leave enough money for other expenses, such as transportation, food, medical expenses, entertainment, and other debts. The percentage was calculated by dividing the number of households paying 30% or more by the total number of renter-occupied housing units.

Measurement Period: 2011-2013
Value: 36.22






HP 2020

  • 28.1
  • 37.1
  • 46.83

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Historical Data

  • Measurement Period Value
    2011-2013 36.22
    2010-2012 38.075
    2008-2010 39.1452
    2007-2009 39.6892
    2005-2009 34.6974
    2006-2008 36.4554
    2005-2007 36.569



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